A smile is the first thing we notice on a person’s face. We wonder whether it is aligned well, notice the teeth lightness, whether there are any gaps between teeth or fractures, etc. If you have any of the mentioned problems, we are here to solve them.

Aesthetic dentistry encompasses:

  • Teeth whitening
  • Non-metal crowns
  • Composite and ceramic veneers
  • Dental jewelry

Through whitening, your teeth can become a number of shades lighter. Many factors influence teeth color, such as genetics, hygiene, life habits, etc.

We offer two whitening options:

  • In-clinic
  • At-home whitening

Regarding in-clinic whitening, the patient receives the desired result immediately after the treatment. The process starts by applying a layer of dental protection fluid, then a layer of whitening gel on the front surface of the teeth. The lamp used in the next step helps expedite the procedure and increases its efficiency. A maximum of three 20-minute sessions is advised for a painless and efficient treatment.


Regarding at-home whitening, teeth impressions are first taken to create soft foils. Whitening gel drops are then applied to these foils, after which the foils are placed on the teeth. The process is then repeated 5–8 nights in a row, depending on the patient’s desired shade.



Non-metal crowns
allow us to restore a damaged tooth to its former look, or create a new, more ideal one. Constructions of ceramic crowns and full zirconium crowns are also available.

Veneers mogu biti keramički i kompozitni. can be ceramic or composite. They represent scales which are attached to the teeth’s front
surface. They are used when a patient is unsatisfied with the color and/or shape of a tooth, a tooth gap,
and when there are visible teeth abrasions. The most common choice regarding the creation material is ceramic due to its durability, consistency, and the natural look it gives to teeth.

The difference between veneers and ceramic crowns is that for veneers, only the teeth’s front surface is scraped, so the amount of preserved dental substance is considerable. The possibility of creating composite veneers is also available; while its consistency is somewhat lower, its pricing is much more affordable.


Dental jewelry, i.e. the placement of zirconium on one or more teeth, is another service we offer.