The health of gums and the tooth-supporting tissue plays a crucial role in preserving the overall health of the oral cavity.

Periodontopathy is a disease of the modern age and leads to bone loss around the teeth, which results in their loosening and consequent detachment.

The most common causes of periodontopathy are bacteria that develop in soft deposits and dental calculus. These bacteria cause chronic gum inflammation, which causes ligament and bone deconstruction. Periodontal pockets which form after some time are difficult to clean through standard hygiene care, so common problems include food remains in the pocket, formation of unpleasant smells, and further decomposition of the tooth-supporting tissue. Moreover, the appearance of periodontopathy can be caused by other factors, such as inherited traits, age, life habits, etc.

Through regular visits to dentist, professional calculus and soft deposit removal, and periodontal pocket cleaning, we can slow down the development of periodontopathy to a great extent and preserve our teeth even in old age. It is recommended to receive this treatment at least once every 6 months, which coincides with regular dental checkups.